Tennessee Phenomenon – Trade Web Design by Zing

A local expert web designer in the Nashville, TN area has taken the industry by storm with their wild, unique and pleasing design concepts. They often like to boast being the top plumbing website design firm in the country, but they’re best known for some of their designs done for large NYC law firms and even some of the top surgical clinics in Beverly Hills and Orange County. The name of this company is Nashville Web Design by Zing, and they’re quickly becoming an incredible phenomenon in the web design industry.

Nashville Web Design started out as a simple digital marketing firm with a focus on search engine optimization. For those of our audience who are not familiar with search engine optimization, this is the practice of getting a website to the top of search engines through customizing websites, building links to those sites, gaining exposure and recognition and many other factors. Search engine optimization is one of the most lucrative industires in the world, as it is known to generate millions of dollars for companies every year.

Although search engine optimization may be lucrative, many startup companies have difficulty gaining an advantage in this saturated market place. Everyone and their dog claims to be an SEO expert today, and that makes it difficult for someone to come into the industry and make a name for themselves. Unlike most trades which may have 100 or so competitors in their city, just about every SEO expert competes with every other SEO expert in a country. The competition is in the thousands! So what does this have to do with web design?

The company, Nashville Web Design, was formed to get a foot in the door with potential customers. Rather than targeting the same people who receive 10 calls a day from other search engine optimization companies, these guys took it upon themselves to target the web design market as a means to create a sales funnel for their SEO business. In other words, the web design market isn’t as saturated as the SEO market, and the sale of search engine optimization servies is much after the first purchase. That’s how Nashville Web Design came to be.

In addition to targeting their local market, they are also expert in creating WordPress contractor websites which has lead them into a niche market and allowed them to generate several hundreds of leads. They didn’t just take a small portion of the market, they dominated the area and currently build websites for more than 20 percent of Nashville’s contractors.

Today Nashville Web Design works with dentists, lawyers, accountants, chiropractors, surgeons and many more. They aren’t limited to just Nashville either. In fact, these guys are even helping companies in Europe and Australia! They often make appearances in their favorite web design community where they are highly recognized for the work that they’ve produced.

You can find NWD by searching the web or by clicking one of the above links. They were recently in the news and intend to continue with their rapid expansion over the course of the next five years. Currently, web design experts estimate that these guys will make the Inc 500 list no later than 2018.

For more news on Nashville Web Design and their progress, be sure to check back soon! Don’t forget to share!

5 Tips When Using a Heathrow Taxi Service

If you are in flying from Heathrow Airport and need to travel in a private car from Central London, it would be in your best interest to use a Heathrow Taxi Service as your method of travel. Pre-booking and catching a taxi can help you save time and reduce some of the travel associated stress. Here are a few pointers that will make the experience as smooth as possible.

DO schedule a Heathrow cab service ahead of time, especially if you are travelling from the airport. It would be a colossal mistake to wait for a taxi at the airport. There are countless people who travel to the airport every day, which means that many others may have the same idea about hiring a taxi. Being proactive will ensure that you have a ride available to you when the time arrives.

DON’T forget to read reviews from people who have travelled using the Heathrow transfer you are thinking to use. They will give you some insight about companies that can be trusted as well as those that cannot. For example, if you notice that many people reported that their car was late due to unreliable service, this will let you know that the company in question should be crossed off your list.

Heathrow Terminal 5 at it’s best

DO verify the amount of money you will be charged and the Heathrow Terminal you will be landing. Keep in mind the different costs for travelling from Terminal 1 vs Terminal 5. Some services and is usually the best option since you never know what the traffic in London will be like on any given day. This means that even if you are stuck in place for quite some time, you will not have to worry about being charged more money.

DON’T forget to let the person you schedule the ride with know if you will need help with your luggage. If you will need assistance, it is important for you to make that clear ahead of time so unexpected delays when travelling to the airport is minimised.

DO try to tip the driver and while it is not a requirement that you tip the driver, you should certainly consider this if you want them to help with your things. Most people tend to round the fare up to the nearest British pound, but being a bit more generous is a good idea if you have a large number of bags.

Potentially travelling to the airport can be full of stress and by keeping these tips in mind the next time you travel will have at the airport in a cool relax way. The great thing about these tips is that they can be used at all UK airports when taking a taxi, so stay safe and enjoy all the sights of London!

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